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                                                    FAN ART AND FAN FICTION

Here’s something I always wondered about. Suppose slightly different events took place after the initial tank scene in the basement of Uneeda.

"Hell no! These were made by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers!" Just as Frank was about to slap the side of the tank, the phone on the wall rang. It was Burt Wilson.

"Yeah the kid’s still here," Frank said. "I’ll give him a ride back right away…" He hung up the phone.

Um…and then, they...uh...went home in the Uneeda van.

As you can see, I need a lot of help trying to create something exciting. Maybe something could have prevented the whole chain of events from happening. Maybe not. Maybe you can come up with something worse. Go wild. Think of the possibilities:

Maybe all the tanks fall on Frank and Freddy – creating a gang of Tarmen?
Maybe only one of the men fall victim to the Trioxin chemical?

Maybe the Tar Man melts down completely and never has the chance at a new life?

Maybe the Tar Man doesn’t escape but is trapped inside the tank, squirming helplessly inside the glass?

Maybe the Tar Man wandered upstairs and out of the warehouse for a stroll THEN wandered back? Maybe he was witnessed by some other workers, perhaps a truck driver? Perhaps the truck was one of these?

(ok, I went too far but don’t even tell me you never think of Tarman when you see those Tarmac trucks!)

Maybe you'd like to do a story based on another incident in the first film? Maybe a bio of a specific character? Here's a DECLASSIFIED Phone Conversation where you can see both sides of Burt's final phone conversation (in yellow).

Transcript 7/5/84 0448-0501 HOURS



Turner: Hello?
Wilson: Yes, I’m calling the number stenciled on the side of the tank.
Turner: Your name please?
Wilson: Burt Wilson.
Turner: Stay on the line Mr. Wilson, you’re being transferred.
Comm-Q: This is Comm-Q, Denver, go ahead.
Turner: Denver, this is Wichita. I’ve got a CLY Priority on a 1-1-3. Who’s up?
Comm-Q: That would be Colonel Glover, San Diego. I’ll put you through.
Glover: Yes?
Turner: Colonel. This is Captain Turner -
Glover: Yes, Captain?
Turner: An egg's hatched in Louisville.
Glover: I see. Very well.
Turner: Guy's name is Burt Wilson…
Glover: Put the call through to me.
Turner: Is your notepad handy?
Glover: Yes, yes, put him on.
Turner: Stand by.
Turner: Mr. Wilson, Colonel Glover will speak to you now.
Glover: Mr. Wilson, where are you calling from?
Wilson: Uneeda Medical Supply where the tank first leaked.
Glover: I see. When did this take place?
Wilson: Today when my employees opened it.
Glover: And when was the tank first breached?
Wilson: Sometime after 5 P.M. - after I left.
Glover: Why didn’t you call this number immediately?
Wilson: They were unconscious…from the chemical.
Glover: I see…it’s understandable. What happened next?
Wilson: We destroyed its brain then chopped up the cadaver to…-
Glover: Oh you did? And what effect did that have?
Wilson: No effect, it wouldn't die.
Glover. I see. So what did you do then?
Wilson: So we bagged the body parts then we took it next door to the mortuary.
Glover: And what did they do?
Wilson: They cremated (it). The fumes must have gotten out to the cemetery…
Glover: I see.
Wilson: The bodies in the grave…(interrupted by background voices) There was at least a hundred corpses trying to get into the mortuary...
Glover: Really? How many did you say?
Wilson: A hundred bodies. (Voices interrupting)
Glover: And how many acres does this cemetery cover sir?
Wilson: Sssshh! (to voices) Did ya say how many acres?
Glover: Yes.
Wilson: I can't think.
Glover: I see.
Wilson: Maybe 3 or 4 acres.
Glover; Yes I see.
Wilson: I am not sure really.
Glover: Of course. Thank you for your assistance. I'm going to switch you back to Captain Turner. He'll talk to you.
Wilson: Right.
Turner: Mr. Wilson, I just want to assure you that you are not in trouble. And to relax while we prepare to fix the problem.
Wilson: (Sigh) When can you get us out of here?
Turner: We've been waiting for this to happen and we are prepared to take care of this immediately. Just sit tight. Calm down. It'll be over before you know it.
Wilson: (inaudible voices in background) Hang on a second, will ya?...(distant) It's weird, these people seem to say they've been waiting for this to happen...apparently they have some sort of contingency plan to deal with it...I don't know... 
More voices: what is this plan?

Wilson: I don't know. They won't say what or how. Hello? (into phone) No one is there, I am on hold. (voices talk at the same time)
They could get to here pretty quick if there's a station somewhere....(...trucks...)...I don't know if they'll get past...
Hey listen. You hear anything?

Pictures are always fun too.

Basically if you have any take on the ROTLD universe, drop me a line. I will publish as many stories and artwork as I can.