In 1966 Darrow Chemical Company was ordered by the military to develop the top secret chemical Trioxin. They were told it would be for marijuana defoliation. An accidental leak into the Pittsburgh VA Hospital morgue resulted in a contamination that literally reanimated corpses. The Army Corps of Engineers contained the bodies in a cryonic state inside airtight biohazard drums. A shipment of six drums was lost in the rushed transport to a storage facility.
The bio-warfare experimentation that could create indestructible soldiers in the event of war was launched using this new weapon, 2, 4, 5 Trioxin. The military’s orders to medical supply warehouses for cadavers are common and assumed to be for ballistic tests.
What the Army did not know is that the lost Easter Eggs had been rotting in the basement of the nation’s largest medical supply warehouse in an industrial park outside Louisville, Kentucky.
All was revealed the night of Friday, July 3, 1984 and by Independence Day, 12 hours after the last Egg hatched,  yet another cover up had begun…
The July Fourth 1984 Industrial Disaster of Jefferson County.